Industry News Round Up . Q&A with Tom Moses

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Industry News Round Up. Q&A with Tom Moses, Managing Director of Natural Trade Brokers.

Where does the start of 2021 find you?

I am now serving my 21st year on the HFMA Council, thelast 18 of which, as Treasurer. The HFMA were hugely influential in having health manufacturers, health stores and sales teams designated as key workers and the benefit has been wide ranging.

Can you tell us about the new initiative from the HMFA, helping to support independent health food stores?

The HFMA in association with NAHS & HFI have also launchedthe Healthy Does It website, which could also be called ‘findyour local health store’ and this exciting new initiative willhave a long lasting benefit for stores, manufacturers, wholesalers and everyone else involved in the industry. 

How has the HMFA helped businesses find a way through the red tape and mysteries surrounding new and forthcoming legistation?

The HFMA has also been a wealth of information for industry on the effects of leaving the EU and the processes now required to continue to trade – dealing with bureaucracy once again! The March 31st deadline for novel food applications for CBD to the FSA is rapidly approaching and it is likely that there will be a large number of brandsd isappearing from the health stores once the deadline has passed.

Do you feel that the industry is having a bit of a boost with the current situation?

VMS sales have moved ahead strongly as a result of the pandemic with consumers looking for products that provide immunity and plant-based foods have also proved an increasing market with health stores once again starting the trend, now being followed by multiple grocery and M&S (remember M&S discontinuing organic foods years ago stating that the market was unsustainable!).

Last, but by no means least, how do you feel health food stores in particular, are fairing at the moment?

Finally it seems that health stores can now be re-designatedas true 'community stores’ proving so many services to thelocal community which have proved invaluable in the lastyear. Long may it continue!

Tom Moses is the current Treasuer of the HMFA and the Managing Director of Natural Trade Brokers. 

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