Brands and Suppliers

Natural Trade Brokers can justifyably claim to be the most experienced team on the road in the natrual products industry. Across the teams we have nearly 300 years worth of experience in the trade at every level. From sales and brand management, wholesaler experience and territory management experience to retailing, training, natural therapy, product development and more. 

We are in the perfect position to bring your brand to the health food and natural products trade.

Our professional and knowledgeable teams are able to get behind your brand and effectively impart the features and benefits of your range to the retailers and buyers in the trade. 

We have excellent relationships with all areas of the industry, from the wholesalers through to the buyers instore. 

Is it time to see what we can do for your brand? If so, please get in touch here.

Representing the Brand

Our sales teams are able to represent your brand to the trade and get your products in front of the people that matter, the health store buyers throughout the UK and Ireland.

It gives you the opportunity to have your brand sampled and placed in store, staff educated and consumer activity supported.

Wholesaler Support

We have superb relationships with the wholesalers in the industry, from the large companies through to smaller niche wholesalers. 

We can help present your brand to the wholesalers and support you when you are listed in their catalogues.

Market Intelligence

Do you have a real feel for where your product is in store? Where is it most likely to be positioned and how does it look next to the competitors? 

With our Market Survey Service we are able to give you a snapshot of just what your brand looks like in stores throughout the UK.

Marketing Opportunities

We are able to offer targetted support to your brand within the trade. Whether it is a mailout to all our retailers, dedicated social media posts or creating training material and more, we have plenty of options to offer your brand.

Project Management

If you are struggling to find the right promotional plan, we are able to help you plan and coordiate a plan that can be used to support your brand in the wholesalers and trade.

Product Launches

We are highly experienced at bring new nad emerging brands to the market. We can help you develop your strategy and launch proposition. Whether a start up or an existing brand with a new product, we can help.

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We don't just support brands on the road, we can actively promote and support our brands at trade shows and media events. Find out what some of our suppliers at NOPE 2016 had to say about working with us.